How To Make A Homemade Choker Necklace

choker necklace for guysChoker necklace can be described as the neck-hugging choker or necklace. In simple terms it should fit around the neck of the individual wearing it. In history, women as well as men used to wear such kind of necklace or jewelry and the craze or the interest for the necklace still continues. When designed properly, choker necklace can be an incredibly striking and elegant piece of jewelry.

Although such kind of jewelry has been mainly used for the evening wear especially in formal contexts, the choker made of acrylic beads or glass is one of the perfect sets of jewelry for the day wear or day outfit. If you are a bit creative and love to put your thoughts on paper and make them into reality then jewelry designing is one thing you can do. And if you are wondering how to make a choker necklace then this article will help you a lot.

Here are few tips on how to design a choker necklace for business:

While designing a choker keep in mind some of the special considerations, such as that the choker needs to fit around the neck and that in some kinds of necklace one cannot use all types of beads especially uneven glass beads. The uneven glass beads may lead to irritation and could hurt the neck of the wearer. If you are designing a choker for an individual with small kids then you should design and make a plain necklace instead of choker, along with dangles to protect the child. Measuring the neck is also one of choker necklace for girlsthe most essential and significant things to do while designing and making a choker, to know the exact length as per need.

In the next step cut an inch of wire and then wrap its tip around one of the jaws of the round-nose pliers for making a smaller loop. Put a bead through the wire and wrap the other side of the wire around the round-nose pliers for making a bead link along with the bead sandwiched between the two wire connecting loops. Now make a similar kind of bead links as per requirement. It is suggested to make two to three less number of bead links as per requirement because the clasp of the choker also takes some space and increases the length of the chain. Open one jump ring by clutching the ring with a pair of chain-nose pliers on any of the sides of the ring gap and then twist the pliers on its opposite direction. After opening the jump ring, put two bead links to the ring and later close it by grasping two open ends of the ring again with the pliers and then twisting it back altogether. This process at the end gives a short length of the chain that gets formed by the two bead links that have been connected with the jump ring. Add the number of rings as per requirement to create the chain of the connected bead links. Keep on checking the length of the chain regularly to end it at the exact length. Now open the jump ring as well as the thread through the bead links at its end and one of the side clasps. This will help in connecting the chain to the clasp. Repeat it for the other side of the choker also, and at the end close it, and your choker necklace is ready to wear!



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